How to Report Fraud

To limit the impact of fraud, immediate escalation is critical.

All employees and members of the University community may report suspicion of unethical behavior or fraud by any of the methods outlined below:

  • Contact the UC Davis Locally Designated Official (LDO)

  • Contact the UC Whistleblower Hotline

  • Tell your supervisor or other appropriate administrator who will report it to the LDO
    Supervisors have a responsibility to forward employee reports of alleged improper activities or whistleblower retaliation to the LDO

  • To report a possible cyber scam or phishing email, contact IET at

  • While not fraud, if a department disburses money and then realizes it was not appropriate, timeliness is critical to recovering the funds. 
    Please call
    Mike Kuhner or Nancy Van Tassel in Accounts Payable directly and follow-up with an email.

    • External Purchase Order (PO) fraud (fraudster pretends to be from UC Davis in order to trick vendors into sending goods) may be reported by employees or third parties to for monitoring.

Please note that all employees, students, and others are protected from retaliation for reporting suspected misconduct or fraud.